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User's Guide v. 1.0.0

Table of Contents


NeoMail has been removed from our hosting options. The reason is that NeoMail is open source software and has not been updated by the authors for several years, this reduces the functionality and decreases the security.

We still have Webmail available with Squirrelmail and Horde. We've left this documentation in place for any users that might still be using NeoMail.

If you are still using NeoMail, you should probably consider updating your hosting service.

  1. Copyright Notice
  2. Initial Setup
  3. Customizing Your User Preferences
  4. Using NeoMail
  5. Using The Address Book
  6. Composing A New E-Mail
  7. Managing Your E-Mail
  8. Reading Your E-Mail

Copyright © 2000 by Chris Fischer

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Last Updated: 09 Jun 2000