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At 4yourwebsite.com, we create custom websites that literally work for you and your company, all day, every day. We specialize in helping small or startup businesses develop a professional web presence in stages, professionally and painlessly, as budget and business growth allows.

Our Custom Websites:
  • Are tastefully and simply designed
  • Load quickly and read easily
  • Are optimized for all major search engines
  • Are easily maintained
  • Are reasonably priced

Our websites are tastefully and simply designed
If you need a solid, well designed, easy to navigate site that conveys your message in a straightforward manner, then we are your web design firm. Our sites can be specially designed to reduce your day-to-day business workload, while also functioning as a promotional tool for you and your company. When the effect that your website will have on its visitors is critical, it is important to avoid the "neighbor kid or brother-in-law who knows Flash" syndrome. The fact is that any middle school kid with a computer can probably make a web page for you, the basics are really very simple, but creating a custom website is a lot more complicated. We specialize in creating professionally produced websites that put your business in action. While some design firms emphasize style over substance and flash over functionality, we focus on keeping it simple, useable and effective.

Our websites load quickly and read easily
Competent website design is a tenuous balancing act between text, graphics and dynamic features. An effective site includes:

  • Function - Useful information in text format that loads quickly
  • Creativity - Graphics that identify visually who you are and what you do (without slowing down the loading of the pages)
  • Technology - Dynamic features, such as Java scripts, that can add pleasing dimensions (without the risk of possibly ruining your site if they don’t work) and database elements for dynamic on-the-fly page creation

Our websites are optimized for all major search engines
"Content, content, content!" Just as "location, location, location" is key to the real estate industry, content is the key to effective website design. During the initial creation of your site, we will discuss the purpose of the site in order to include appropriate keywords and phrases, in the copy, to be picked up by major search engines. The content not only conveys your message to the reader but also is the key parameter used in the indexing of sites by search engines.

Our websites are easily maintained
We recommend frequent updates to your site to keep the content fresh and current, and to encourage return visits. We create websites whose complexity and thorough functionality are contained in an inherently usable and deceptively simple interface. Your website can be designed so that the actual maintenance of the site can be turned over to you or your staff as a cost-effective approach to site management. We will construct the site to make it easy for you to maintain, while still offering technical support in the event you run into any challenges. A strategically designed custom database can actually reduce your day-to-day workload while automatically updating your website content.

Our websites are reasonably priced
We take pride in developing professional, functional websites that work for you and your business at the best possible price. We will ensure your complete satisfaction through our experience, reliability and personalized support. Our goal is simple, and through our services, you can have international access, national quality and local support, all at an affordable price.
4yourwebsite welcomes a
New Team Member! April 2012
Chris Slagle is a graphic designer with a keen, intuitive creativity dating back to his childhood. His artistic skills have been shared through a wide range of venues from custom carpet designs to oil paintings, line drawings, sculpting, photography and graphic design.
Chris' goal is to present you with an inviting web page design that will set the mood to attract your target audience and offer a satisfying user experience.
Logo's, web page design, print materials.
See Samples of Chris' Work

Palmer Wahl-Custom programming by 4yourwebsite for a fully integrated, dynamic web site able to handle thousands of on-line products. Saved client 70% to 80% on cost of implementation. See how a dynamic website management software program, can be implemented at YOUR business!

Visit the Palmer Wahl Website

Visit the Palmer Wahl Website

"I am so totally impressed with what Mike designed for us that I can't believe it! The best thing about working on this project with Mike is the extensive knowledge he has about all things Internet! The best decision we made was hiring Mike for the job. He's taken care of everything, and we've really enjoyed working with him, too. Thanks!" - A.S. Palmer Wahl
"Steve said we had a record dollar amount in sales with new customers for January!!!!" - A.S.
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To contribute to economic development by
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